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05 April 2022

Dear friends,


It’s been almost 20 years since our favorite Cacao Beach Club first opened its doors to you, and we can confidently say that the name Cacao Beach has turned into a well-known brand worldwide.


During that time, it managed to reach a status of an iconic beach club, for both locals and foreigners, with it being not only a host to hundreds of world-famous artists but also offering its stage to our home talents. 


For a long time, Cacao Beach hosted the greatest electronic music event at home, SOLAR Summer Festival, and in 2016 it was awarded 53rd place in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll. Our club was recognized by many and it would definitely be remembered as the only spot that the sun rays fall upon in the rhythm of electronic music. However, the club owes its success, first and foremost, to you! 


On the verge of those 20 years, the time has come to take our goodbyes and thank you for your support and for the time you have shared with us! Thank you for the excitement and the iconic sunrises on Cacao Beach. Thank you for the incredible, vibrating energy which led to the creation of precious memories and turned our beach club into an unforgettable and legendary place. Thanks to that energy, and to the artists and millions of young people from Europe, America, and Asia, who carry that same energy inside them, our country was recognized on a global level for the electronic music experience that it offers. Thank you for the fact that for a while there, we hit broke the records for the noisiest place in Bulgaria.


It has been a privilege!

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