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July Morning 2013

10 June 2013

Meet the sunrise with the incredible July Morning Party which is going to rock Cacao Beach on 30th of June. Prepare yourselves for great music, dancing and fun till dawn. This fine mix of entertainment will take place traditionally at your favorite beach. 
July Morning is the most celebrated hippie feast day in Bulgaria and it is the utmost symbol of freedom. Come at Cacao Beach, so you can enjoy the sun, rising above the sea. This is the true beginning of summer and according to many beliefs the July sun has the magic ability to charge you with unique energy and fill you with hope. 
The organizers of the event have prepared for you a lot of surprises. Resident DJs for the party are going to be DJ Pavel Petrov and DJ Metodi Hristov. Both of them are among the most popular DJs in Bulgaria. Their interest for the profession occurred when they both were at the age of 18 and when they met their mentor Juan Alvarez. After a while they have already had lots of fans in their homeland but they decided that this was not enough so they started producing their own tracks in order to broaden their fan-base outside Bulgaria. Pavel earned the esteem of the fans and took the decision to move to the next level, presenting production of his own.  His first track “Free Ur Mind” was released in 2009 by the Mexican label “Xela Digital”. At this time he met his current partner and teacher Metodi Hristov.
So now the gauntlet is thrown-30th of June, Cacao Beach! Celebrate the July Morning in an unforgettable way and with lots of new friends which you are going to meet at the No1 beach at the Bulgarian Black Sea! 
July Morning 2013